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Yes, there are Democrats in Clovis!

We are active, patriotic, loyal Americans, involved in the present and future of the country we love.

Clovis Dems at Big Hat Da

We believe in equality for ALL. We believe in Progressive Values. We believe in Voter Rights, Civil Rights and the Right to Choose.


We hope that you will join us at one of our meetings. ALL are welcome.

Bylaws of The Clovis Democratic Club

REVISED BYLAWS OF THE CLOVIS DEMOCRATIC CLUB BYLAWS OF THE CLOVIS DEMOCRATIC CLUB I.  NAME The name of this organization shall be the Clovis Democratic Club. II.  PURPOSE The Clovis Democratic Club (“the Club”) shall focus its efforts within the Clovis community, to advance the goals of the Democratic Party (“the Club”) through public policy …

Clovis Democratic Club 2014-2015 Treasurers Report

Clovis Democrats Treasurer Report July 2015

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Minutes August 20 2015 Clovis Democratic Club August 20, 2015, Seven Restaurant, Clovis, CA. Minutes Meeting: The meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m. by President Jeni Kren. Following the Flag Salute Jeni welcomed new guests, including two new citizens from Mexico, Hugo and Maria Gomez. Program 1: Vice President Alexia Baca introduced Michael …


Newsletter 8-2015

What We Do

Democracy Matters   Our country was founded on the principles of a Representative Democracy where the citizens eligible to vote would get together from time to time to elect the Representatives who would then go to a certain place to from a congress and conduct the business of the government for the people. The framers wrote …

2015 Officers

Constitutional Officers President:  Jeni Kren Vice President:  Alexia Baca Secretary:  Bob Jones Treasurer:  Lew Pond Staff Newsletter:  Jim McClanahan Webmaster:  Judy Noteboom  

Our Service Area

Democratic Party History

At the start of the 21st Century, the Democratic Party can look back on a proud history, a history not just of a political organization but of a national vision. It is a vision based on the strength and power of millions of economically empowered, socially diverse and politically active Americans. Over two hundred years …

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