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Clovis Democratic Club April 22, 2016 Newsletter

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Thursday April 21st 2016

At Seven Bar & Grill, 25 Shaw Ave. Clovis

Phone: (559) 322-1605

Members to convene at 6:00. Business at 6:15. Program to follow immediately.

Guest Columnist David Rowell, Treasurer

         At Big Hat Days, in addition to the registrations we received, the buttons and stickers provided by the Hillary and Bernie campaigns were also popular, with over $300 in sales. We definitely were a presence at this year’s Big Hat Days. There was a distressing incident near our booth in which a person soliciting signatures for various State initiatives became involved with some Trump supporters who took exception to his activities. The police were called and, instead of removing the Trump supporters, they focused on the petition-gatherer, who was African American, telling him he had to go since he was not in the designated “Free Speech” area. The incident was defused when Clovis Dem club members helped the petition-gatherer move his table and material into our booth, from which he could then peacefully pack up and go home.

         Jeni-Ann Kren, on behalf of the Club, contacted the Clovis Chamber of Commerce, which sponsors Big Hat Days, to look into the “free speech” area at the west end of 7th Street, almost invisible to visitors to Big Hat Days. As Jeni said in her later email to the Chamber expressing concern, “Speech is not really free if no one can hear it.”

         For our March meeting, we had presentations from several crucial local campaigns, encouraging club members to become involved. The Joaquin Arambula campaign, Assembly District 31, Daniel Parra and Emilio Huerta campaigns, Congressional District 21, and the Louis Campos campaign, Congressional District 22, were represented. We then had a report from the members of our club who attended the California Democratic Convention in San Jose.


Trump: Women Should Be Punished for Having an abortion
And rewarded for having a boob job.

Clovis Big Hat Days

We had a productive time at Big Hat Days this year. On the weekend of April 2nd and 3rd we provided campaign information and registered voters. We had a total of 39 Democrats registered along with 5 or so “others”. A good many of those registering were changing their party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. We had some stimulating discussions with many Fest attendees. Many passersby paused to take selfies with Hillary or Bernie.

Lisa Bryant on the CA Primary

Professor Bryant of the FSU Political Science Department is tentatively scheduled to present her views on the importance of the June primary in this atypical campaign year. For the first time in many years, the result of that election may have a real impact on convention outcomes