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Clovis Democrats Club February 2016 Newsletter

Newsletter 2-2016-1

Clovis Democratic Club
P.O. Box 792, Clovis, CA 93612 Volume 13, Issue 2, Feb. 2016
Officers thru 2016
President: Jeni Kren 322-9734 Vice-President: Alexia Baca Morgan 472-8375
Secretary: Bob Jones 787-2287 Treasurer: David Rowell 299-3030 Member At Large: Paul Sedillos 608-213-3910

Pam Whalen on City and County Elections

Pam Whalen and Venancio Guona provided the club with information and discussion points regarding Fresno City
and County election demographics and how voting patterns within districts influence outcomes in the voting process.

Paul T. Jackson on Fresno County
Homeless Issues

For our February meeting, Paul Thomas Jackson will speak to our club about homeless issues in Fresno County. He has been an advocate for the homeless for over twenty years and currently serves as a “facilitator” for the Fresno Homeless Advocates Facebook group which has two hundred members. He also writes articles for the Community Alliance newspaper.
Paul T. Jackson

Message From President Jeni:

The results of the New Hampshire primaries have just come in as I sit down to write this column. It looks like all bets are off for this election cycle as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump appear to be decisively in the lead in this
early stage. This could be a history-making election with the country veering in a populist direction. It could be scary
if one of these candidates, not of a Democratic persuasion,prevails. The next few weeks will be crucial. It is definitely
time to be involved. Several of us took the precinct leader training this week and found it to be a very doable activity
with good support and materials available. Let me know if you would be interested in participating. There is much to
do to reach voters and make sure that the Democratic vote comes out for the June primaries and the November election!

– Jeni
Bob Jones Provides Central Committee Info to the Club

Republican hopefuls differ over who is least progressive.
Next Meeting
Thursday February 18th 2016
At Seven Bar & Grill, 25 Shaw Ave. Clovis
Phone: (559) 322-1605
Members to convene at 6:00. Business at 6:15. Program
to follow immediately.