Clovis Democrats February 2016 President’s Newsletter

The results of the New Hampshire primaries have just come in as I sit down to write this column. It looks like all bets are off for this election cycle as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump appear to be decisively in the lead in this early stage. This could be a history-making election with the country veering in a populist direction. It could be scary if one of these candidates, not of a Democratic persuasion, prevails. The next few weeks will be crucial.

It is definitely time to be involved. Several of us took the precinct leader training this week and found it to be a very doable activity with good support and materials available. Let me know if you would be interested in participating. There is much to do to reach voters and make sure that the Democratic vote comes out for the June primaries and the November election!

Jenni Kren, Club President2016 democratic election



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