President’s Newsletter November 2016 Clovis Democrat Club

I had planned to start my column for this month with “at last, our long electoral nightmare is over,” but now I find that it is only a prelude to worse to come. So many people I spoke to today are struggling with shock and apprehension. I don’t think any of us expected this outcome and have no idea how to move forward. With time we will figure some of this out. As I write this column, many of our fellow citizens have taken to the streets in protest, especially as Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but not the electoral. We are fortunate to live in California which has a Democratic government. We need to focus on preserving Democratic gains in our state and be ready to stand up to Republican attempts nationally to take away what we value. Vigilance and activism will be required.

There was also not much to celebrate locally as Democrats in Clovis did not fare well but we can be proud of those who tried. A message from club member David Rowell who ran: JenniK pict“Thanks SO MUCH for the encouragement and support, the people who made calls and walked precincts, the people who contributed, the people who simply sent encouraging thoughts my way! Your support and trust meant a lot. It was a great honor, truly, and although I was unsuccessful in the end, running for office was something I’ll never forget, even when the election does not turn out as I hoped. It was a lesson in civic responsibility, and something I’d encourage club members to consider in the future. Again, many, many thanks to all!” Jeni Kren.

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    • Maurice Ndole on November 14, 2016 at 7:07 pm
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    Thank you for the message.

    We lost. It was unexpected. It hurts. Tomorrow is a new day.

    Think 2018.

    Now it’s time to stand up and fight.

    Count me in.

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